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  1. Ebony dice:

    Thanks for writing such an ead–toyunserstand article on this topic.

  2. Anderson dice:

    Gallbladder removal lpalroscopaalyI am having a burning and stabbing sensation in the abdomen along with sharp shooting pain in my right shoulder blade. I have unexplained brain lesions that need to be looked at every year through an MRI. Recently I went for the routine MRI while the MRI machine was doing its thing my stomach was burning worse than ever, I felt like being fried from the inside out. Xrays were taken of the abdomen and it seems like staples were left in there. Are staples a normal thing to leave inside the abdomen after gallbladder removal laparoscopolly? WOuld this cause me harm in the future? Is this a normal reaction. THe gallbladder surgery was performed 10 years ago. I can not get an answer anywhere. Please help with any information.

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